Tabor House

Photo credit: 'Don't just walk by' by Matt WilsonOpening its doors on 27 September, Tabor House will be Birmingham’s only permanent night shelter.

Tabor House is currently seeking volunteers. Could you help as a Hospitality Volunteer (shift based), a Shift Leader or a Volunteer Mentor?

To find out more about these roles, come along to the Volunteering open evening on 13 July. Or contact Christy Acton on 01675 434064.

In Birmingham there are an estimated 200 people sleeping rough, possibly more. Currently, emergency provision is only available for three months a year through the Churches Winter Night Shelter. If a person has no entitlement to benefits, finds it difficult to engage with social workers and other professionals, is unable to stay in hostels due to fear and past experiences or has no access to public funds, they will sleep on a street, in a porch or car park.

Tabor House will operate year-round, providing safety, support, warmth and encouragement to people without the very basics and necessities of life. It will provide a bed for the night, a shower, food, warm clothes, dignity, respect and the hand of friendship alongside the support to move on, delivered by local experts, partners and trained volunteers.

Shelter is just one element of Tabor House – in addition to this it will work with local agencies to ensure people staying there can access support to move off the streets back to living independently and being able to manage their own lives. Volunteer-led befriending and mentoring is another aspect of the support that will be provided, ensuring people have someone to speak to, as well as support and friendship as they move their lives forward.

Initially, Tabor House will launch a six month pilot scheme offering six beds, but will eventually expand to offering fifteen beds to men, women and couples who are referred there by local organisations.

It will be managed by two Project Coordinators supported by a team of volunteers who will provide mentoring and befriending, welcome and hospitality as well as meeting guests’ practical needs.

Tabor House is a collaborative project between the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham, Father Hudson’s Care, Housing Justice, Irish in Birmingham, local philanthropists and business people, the Birmingham Rough Sleepers Team (Midland Heart) and local homelessness specialists.